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    ADDRESS: The Sydney Room, Level 5, Westfield Sydney, cnr Market and Castlereagh St,

    THE overwhelming feeling I had upon leaving Charlie & Co. Burgers was shame…mainly ‘cos I left so much food on my plate. What a waste.
    While I recommend that anyone going to this upmarket eatery should do so on an empty stomach, don’t be like me and assume your stomach can deal with what your hunger thinks it wants.

    The place was half-full when I arrived, but quickly filled up with lunchtime customers. So that was a good sign. However, queuing to be attended by a waiter before ordering a mere burger seemed a tad pretentious…as did the faux newspaper that serves as a menu.
    Anyhow, upon being ushered to the counter by the polite waiter, I ordered my lunch: Classic Fried Chicken Burger ($16), Parmesan and truffle fries ($8), Onion rings ($7) and a small Coke ($2.50).
    When I went to pick up my order I instantly realised I’d f*cked up. While the burger looked manageable, the fries and rings were clearly designed for group snacking. I should’ve skipped the rings (even though I have a weakness for them) and just stuck with the fries. But, frankly, I doubt I would have finished them either.

    Getting to the meal…the burger – two fried chicken fillets topped with lettuce, tomato, and herb and garlic mayonnaise – was okay. The fried chicken (basically a glorified chicken schnitzel) was nicely spiced when eaten by itself, but got lost when mixed with the strongly flavoured mayonnaise.
    The fries tasted amazing at first – the parmesan mixed with truffle dressing was quite decadent. But you really don’t need too many of them before you start to feel a bit queasy from the richness of it all.
    Sadly, once I ate some the onion rings (which tasted primarily of salt and batter), I couldn’t taste much of anything anymore.

    Despite my best efforts, I’d barely made a dent in my side orders after 30 minutes, by which time the rings were cold and greasy (bleh) and the fries weren’t quite so inviting anymore. In the end, I finished the fillets and had to even leave part of the bun behind.
    There was a time – not all that many years ago – when I would’ve made a valiant attempt to clear everything on my plate (my mother’s stern reprimand, “There are children starving in Ethiopia!” ringing in my head), but not now. What’s the point of eating till I’m sick?
    Despite having spent $33.50 for lunch – Ouch! It hurts just writing that! – I walked away from my half-eaten meal without so much as a backward glance. I left Charlie & Co. Burgers bloated, burping garlic and onion…and wishing I was a Catholic so I could go church and cleanse myself of this lingering guilt.

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  • 03/08/11--14:44: Charlie Sheen is my new god

  • A MACHETE and Tiger Blood...what's not to love?

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    It looks pretty damn good if you ask me. The cover feature is on Amanda Fucking Palmer. Watch the clip below to see why I think she's so frigging awesome.

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  • 08/22/11--07:19: A few zine reviews

  • When The Crash Meets Something #5: There are some zines you receive that are unexpected pleasures – this is a perfect example. Gabrielle is an ex-junkie, former sex worker who’s now a single mum striving to deal with her fucked-up past and what promises to be a much brighter future. Through older journal entries, poems and more current articles she eloquently explores where she’s been and who she is now. It’s breathtakingly shocking and extremely moving. Not surprisingly, as a dad of two small children, I found the author’s article on her child’s developmental issues particularly heartbreaking. We’ve all been there as parents, Gabrielle – you have nothing to fear, mate. Gabrielle Congrave, 215 Spurce Ave SW, Bagley, MN, 56621,[US$3 US/Canada/Mexico, US$4 everywhere else, trades welcome, 40S, :30]  – Dann Lennard

    The Ken Chronicles #16: I was really enjoying this zine for the first 20 pages. Ken’s a guy in his early 60s (I assume) who’s the kinda cool grandfather we probably all wish we had. He’s computer literate, a dude who remembers Woodstock and has pretty cool musical tastes. And he loves zines. Sounds like the sorta guy I’d wanna catch up with for a beer. Then he ruins the zine with a sad tale about him going to see a psychic. The transcript he provides of the session is a classic example of cold reading by a leech who preys on the misery and gullibility of others. It’s sad that Ken – so savvy in so many ways – is taken in hook, line and sinker by this charlatan. Ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Drive, East Meadow, NY, 11554-1120, USA, [US$2/trade/letter of comment, 28S, :30]  – Dann Lennard

    Serial Anarchist #2: Oooooooh, a celebrity prisoner-created zine. For those who don’t know, Francisco Duran is serving 40 years for attempting to assassinate then-US Prez Bill Clinton in 1994. His zine is full of clipped articles (ranging from nonsensical and paranoid to mildly interesting), oddball ravings about anarchy, an extreme sex fantasy and pleas from the author for “pictures of girls in their panties”. Buyer beware. Francisco M. Duran, PO Box 6000, Federal Correctional Institute, Florence, Colorado, 81226, USA [no prices listed…a few bux? Trades? Panty pix?, 32S, :15+]  – Dann Lennard

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  • 09/01/11--22:50: Some more zine reviews

  • Narcolepsy Press Review #7: Another great issue from Randy, focusing less on zine reviews this time and more on what music he’s been listening to, and books he’s read. Plus new celebrity hotties he’s discovered. There’s also cool art from his very talented daughter Tabitha. Randy’s a firm atheist, so Christians should be prepared to be offended by some content. Also if, like me, you think prisoners are worthless scumbags, you’ll want to skip his looooong letters section, which is filled with missives from them. Other than that, I love NPR to death. Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim, CA, 92817-7131, USA,[US$3/stamps/decent letter in the US/email for elsewhere, FTP, 32S, :20 (longer if you read the letters)]  – Dann Lennard

    Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Aug. 29, 2011: Someone had to do it – the lead story this week is an in-depth history of the birth of Brazilian fighting style Vale Tudo, the spiritual ancestor of modern-day MMA. A well-written, fascinating article. It’s followed by all the usual wrestling and MMA news from around the world. Get this and you’ll know more than your friends when you’re talking rasslin’ or UFC in front of the TV. Dave Meltzer, PO Box 1228, Campbell, CA, 95009-1228, USA,, [US$11 for four weekly issues in the US/check the site for other subscription prices, 20M, :90]  – Dann Lennard

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  • 09/06/11--06:14: Reviews of zines and such
  • Grunted Warning #11, July 2011: The world is a strange place and some of the media snippets we absorb every day in the newspapers are even stranger. This is a collection of such strangeness. It is awesome. Awesome and strange. Stratu, PO Box 35, Marrickville, NSW, 2204, AUSTRALIA,,[AUD$1/trade/cool letter or postcard, 12S, :15] – Dann Lennard

    Word Balloons #12: In this special full-colour issue, Phil interviews three folk working at the coalface of graphic novel publishing in Australia. You think it’s hard to get your shit published in the US? Try doing it in a backwater like Oz. Also, Phil wraps up his fascinating multi-part tale about his involvement in the Aussie comics scene, this time focusing on the rise and fall of the ambitious 80s/90s anthology Fox Comics. Philip Bentley, PO Box 286, Sandringham, Vic, 3191, AUSTRALIA,,[AUD$10, 32M, :45] – Dann Lennard

    Crazed Mazes #1: I’ve never quite come across a zine like this before – it’s a zine full of amazing mazes, a crossword and other picture puzzles devised by Myron. I can safely say that it’s a family-friendly zine and would keep kids of all ages amused on a long car trip. Very quirky indeed. Myron Smith, PO Box 354, Ridgeway, VA, 24148, USA, [US$2 + SASE, 20M, depends] – Dann Lennard

    The Poetry Explosion Newsletter (The Pen), July 2010: 99% of poetry is shit. About 98% of it is to be found in this amateurish publication full of turgid, rancid poems. Avoid unless you really, really, REALLY love poetry zines. PBC, PO Box 4725, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206-0725,USA,, [US$4 (email for overseas prices), 26M, :20] – Dann Lennard

    The Great Stereopticon #1-3, June-Nov. 2010: This got sent to me as one newsletter, even though it’s three very short zines, virtually letters. James is a very smart, Buddhist, vegan, libertarian living in rural Washington. Not much to do here except ride bikes, visit your local library and write zines. I won’t pretend that I understand half of what James is writing about – he completely lost me on philosophy and the like. To be honest, I preferred his writings about being an outsider living in the American heartland. It seems a very lonely existence. James N. Dawson, PO Box 292, Malden, WA, 99149, USA, [SASE/trade/the usual, FTP, 8M, :25] – Dann Lennard

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  • 09/07/11--07:10: Wow! Even more zine reviews

  • Yuck! #2: Gross-out horror comix – you pays your money, you know what to expect. Actually, some of the artwork is quite nice, especially Jacek Zabawa’s pussy-licious cover. Talented Aussie artist Ben Hutchings also makes a worthy appearance. Milk Shadow Books, PO Box 651,  Northcote, Vic, 3070, AUSTRALIA,[AUD$4.50 + contact the site for overseas p&h, 40S, 0:20] – Dann Lennard


    Chicks With Horses #1: What…no bestiality? Sadly, this zine is exactly what it says on the cover, page after page of photos of girls with horses. Most of them appear to be tearsheets of chicks at the races. The overall effect is still unsettling. You’re left with a strong sense of “Why?” David Puckeridge, PO Box 872, Katoomba, NSW, 2780, AUSTRALIA, [AUD$1/probably $3 overseas, 32S, :05] – Dann Lennard

    Geneva 13 #15: Possibly the most narrowly themed zine I’ve ever read. Unless you live in Geneva, NY this publication will mean little to you. Having said, this pizza-themed issue was interesting in parts. No-one makes pizza like New Yorkers, that’s for sure. Still, I can’t really see why anyone outside Geneva would want to read this zine as a rule. Geneva 13, PO Box 13, Geneva, NY, 14456, [$2/free if you live in Geneva, 60S, 0:45] – Dann Lennard


    Operations Manual Vol. IX: Bizarreness on a grand scale. Eclectic subject matter includes the mystical power of the number nine, trepanation, how to use your hand as a thermometer, a detailed study on the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed”, healthy flea remedies…hell, this doesn’t even scratch the surface. One of the best zines I’ve read this year. [email for prices, 40S, 0:30] – Dann Lennard

    nnnnnnnnnnYES! #1.1: This zine makes me mad – mad with rage that someone (probably via a government grant) wasted a lot of coin producing a high-quality zine full of pretentious shit. Bad poetry, bad fiction, bad collage “art”. Just bad. Given the financial resources the people behind this publication had, I could’ve produced a zine 100 times more interesting than this overpriced crap. I’m pissed off now. nnnnPatrick, RM301, 984-5, Yeogtong 2 Dong, Suwon, Gyeong-Gi, 443-813, SOUTH KOREA, [US$11 to everywhere except Mexico…where it’s US$13/trade, FTP, age statement required, 0:10] – Dann Lennard

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    No More Coffee #3: This guy’s got some talent – five pieces of short fiction in a range of genres. “O, Bury Me Not…” is a slice of urban life with a strange twist and a moving ending. “Stagger Lee” starts taking you down a path about a teenager given the opportunity to have his revenge against high school bullies, but then goes in an unexpected direction that I dug. Like I said the guy’s got talent. Ben Spies, NMC Zine, 1847 W. Byron St, Chicago, IL, 60613, USA,[US$2, FTP, 32S, :40] – Dann Lennard


    Beauty In Confusion And Harmony: Southeast Asia From American Perspective In Year Of The White Tiger: Stupidly long heading and occasionally pretentious, patronising writing aside, Mark Billings’ zine is a fascinating, heavily illustrated diary of an outsider’s experience trying to live, explore and work in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. When he stops projecting mystical import on every fucking thing locals do (seriously, dude, they’re just people selling you stuff), then it’s a fun lil’ travelogue. Stop getting all spiritual and get a grip, guy. Other than that, a well-interesting, [email for prices, 64S, 0:60] – Dann Lennard

    Last Slice: A cool collection of cartoons about life, childhood memories and growing up – all with a Latino flavour. Some toons are funny, some are bittersweet, but they’re all good.  Jaime Crespo, PO Box 112, San Anselmo, CA, 94979, USA,, [US$4 USA & Mexico/US$5 Canada/trades, 44S, :25] – Dann Lennard


    Too Blue Comix #1, #4, #5: Sexy (at times pornographic) minicomix in the mould of Brad Foster’s classic Goodies. Oh, wait…there’s Brad’s art on the front cover of #1, so no surprises there. If you like nudity, explicit sex and toilet humour, then you’ll wanna check these out. If not, stay clear. Jerry Goebert, 156 Howard Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15235, USA [US$1 USA/US$2 overseas, 8XS, 0:05] – Dann Lennard


    Mishap Collection: Weird underground-style art and story about a guy called Major Mishap visiting Dallas in November 1963 and crossing paths with Lee Harvey Oswald. Seriously strange yet compelling – and it’s all told in just eight panels. Jerry Goebert, 156 Howard Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15235, USA [US$1 USA/US$2 overseas, 8XS, 0:05] – Dann Lennard

    Comparratives: Two cartoonists record a panel-by-panel concurrent history of their lives, starting in 1986 (when Joanna was born and Don was 11) to now when the pair are a couple. It’s their first collaboration, and what a great way to start. Cool concept and well executed. Don Picton & Joanna Goss, 461 S. 4thh St, Aurora, IL, 60505, USA,[US$2 USA/US$2.50 elsewhere/trade, 28XS, :15] – Dann Lennard


    Best Dream Ever…: I dream about thrift stores, too. This wacky lil’ strip is like looking inside my own head. Don Picton, 461 S. 4thh St, Aurora, IL, 60505,[US$0.75 USA/US$1 elsewhere/trade, 12XS, :05] – Dann Lennard


    Showman? The Bret Braddock Adventures, Vol. 1: Crisis Ignored: This is the possibly true story of a hideous man, Bret Braddock, and the horrible workplace he runs. Bret thinks he’s going to produce a children’s TV show and get rich. Nothing goes the way he’s planned and it’s pretty much due to the fact he’s a dumb, arrogant dickhead. This collection of strips by the immensely talented David Blumenstein is funny, infuriating and upsetting, all at the same time. I think most of us have worked for or with a Bret Braddock at some time in our lives. Nakedfella Productions, PO Box 361, Flinders Lane, Vic, 8009, AUSTRALIA,,[email for prices, 52S, :45] – Dann Lennard

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    Zombre #2: Subtitled “The Magic Forest”, this is the latest comic misadventures of our semi-intelligent zombie as he wanders round a national park, scaring the tourists and generally causing mayhem. This appears to be a continuing story, so I’m intrigued where Ansis goes from here. Lovely colour cover, too. Ansis Purins, 14 Saxon Rd, Newton, MA, 02461, USA,,[email for prices, 52S, :20] – Dann Lennard

    Biblio-Curiosa #1: The subtitle to this fantastic read by veteran zinester Chris Mikul is “Unusual writers/Strange books”. And there’s certainly plenty of that. You’ll be amazed by the bizarre story of the sociopathic Gibbons twins, one of whom wrote the extraordinary The Pepsi-Cola Addict (1982). And your brain will melt when you read the plot to the startling The Fangs Of Suet Pudding (1944). And there are two more incredible essays after that. This is seriously one helluva great zine. Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket, NSW, 1240, AUSTRALIA,[AUD$5/email for overseas prices, 48S, :60] – Dann Lennard

    Biblio-Curiosa #2: Editor Chris must have the best library in the world – hell, he certainly has the weirdest. This time he tackles the crazy life and even stranger death of eccentric F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre. And then blows our collective minds with reviews on two of the oddest books ever published, The Yellow Yasmak and Zalma. Chri’s writing style is funny, entertaining and enlightening. Can’t ask for more than that. Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket, NSW, 1240, AUSTRALIA,[AUD$5/email for overseas prices, 48S, :60] – Dann Lennard

    Recreational Drug Use: Beautifully photographed zine of porn stars at play, posing for the camera or caught unawares by snapper Dennis McGrath. I loved this wordless zine, but it’s not cheap and the content isn’t for everyone, obviously.,[email for prices, Must be over 18, 40S, :05] – Dann Lennard

    It’s A Fanzine #51: After the positive feedback he got on #50, editor Gene Kehoe produced a “sequel”. This time, the lead article is a minister’s take on a highly religious sci-fi tale written and drawn by Steve Ditko in 1959 (which is also reprinted). There’s also a ton of fun news snippets and heavily illustrated articles that would greatly appeal to fans of old-school comic zines of the 60s and 70s. Newer fans won’t care for it though, I expect. Gene Kehoe, 2265 Byron Ave, Waterloo, IA, 50-702, USA,,[US$3, email for overseas prices, 44S, :45] – Dann Lennard

    Ninja Sushi #2: Nasty-beautiful art by Kapreles plus some surreal, nonsensical fiction. I liked it, but it’s not for everyone. Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM,[email for prices, Must be over 18, 24S, :10] – Dann Lennard

    25 Albums That Changed My Life And Other Dumb And Pointless Lists: Very personal zine for those who like likes lists on music and books. The highlight is “Stars On 78”, where the editor reviews old 78 records he grabs from a pile in his garage and plays on his old stereo.  Kami, PO Box 278, Edwardstown, SA, 5039, AUSTRALIA,[Trade/your lists/etc, 20S, :15] – Dann Lennard

    Fried Cat Comix #1: I just love indy zine comix, especially from Australia – they’re dark, funny, drug-fuelled, scatological, random. This comic is the same…but different. It’s a mix of comic strips, reviews, bizarre snippets and an interview with Robin Bougie of Cinema Sewer fame The lead strip, “Deep Fried Drifters”, is an ongoing saga about a potato cake and an onion ring striving to survive in a hostile world. Love this mag.[AUD$$/email for overseas prices, 28S, :30] – Dann Lennard

    Kamuke #2: If you love ukuleles, then you’ll love this slick, full-colour, very professionally put together mag from Australia. Fans will be chuffed to read an exclusive interview with multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Daniel Ho. But as a non-uke fan, my fave piece was the bio piece on forgotten hero Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards. Quirkily brilliant.,[email for prices, 32S, :30] – Dann Lennard


    Subterranean Redneck Blues: Kami writes poetry. He’s also a dear friend. That said, he writes good poetry so I’ll cut him some slack. Kami writes are about growing up in rural Australia, getting drunk, trying to get laid, making mistakes, learning from them, making more mistakes and slowly realising your limitations. They are beautiful and they speak from the heart and they’re not bullshit. So I’ll grudgingly give this booklet a thumbs up. But I still hate poetry. Seaview Press, PO Box 7339, West Lakes, SA, 5021, AUSTRALIA,, [AUD$15/email for overseas prices, 84S, :30] – Dann Lennard

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  • 10/03/11--06:09: ZINE REVIEW: PEE #47

  • Pee #47: Defeater…The Carrier…I Exist…Stolen Youth…Warbrain…One Vital Word. If you recognise any of these punk bands, then you’ll want to read this beautifully produced, informative zine. If you think they’re just random words thrown together by an intelligent ape bent on conquering Earth, then look elsewhere for your reading pleasure. Comes with a free CD and a fistful of stickers. Pete Pee, PO Box 238, Marden, SA, 5070, AUSTRALIA,,[AUD$6.50/email for overseas prices, 60M, :10+ depending on your interest in punk] – Dann Lennard

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  • 10/05/11--20:42: Article 13

  • TWO of my favourite things have come together in the best way possible: a comics podcast and Fresh Ink host Blair Butler. The beautiful, talented lady is interviewed at War Rocket Ajax. Check it out at

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  • 12/24/11--16:31: Merry Christmas all!

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    STARE at these lovely Playboy pix of the 1980s pop stars, then order a copy of my new zine, Rogue, to read about their epic catfight in 2011 schlockbuster Mega Python vs. Gatoroid!

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  • 02/14/12--13:04: ROGUE #1 is here!

  • It's here! :D

    Tippi Hedren & Alfred Hitchcock on the front cover, Barbara Eden on the back cover.

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    By Dann Lennard

    I NEARLY saw Amanda Palmer die in Sydney last month. The Boston belle was perched precariously on a balcony ledge in the Enmore Theatre, singing Mein Herr to a rapt capacity crowd at the start of the Dresden Dolls’ encore.
    That was when I spotted the drunken (perhaps drug-fucked) dumpy chick staggering towards her.
    She’d been standing near my row for much of the concert, swaying constantly or screaming randomly, “We love yooooooooou, Amanda!” But now Ms High As A Kite had a real opportunity to interact with her idol and she was gonna do it, no matter how hard the act of walking had become.
    As she weaved and wobbled towards Amanda, the singer was serenely walking through the balcony aisles, completely unaware that a whirlwind of black lace and second-hand satin was heading unsteadily towards her. Every time Amanda changed direction, her biggest fan would find herself caught out and left stranded at the other end of the balcony.
    But undeterred, she’d wheel around and again pursue her prey, like a zombie with a whiff of human brains in its rotting nostrils.
    Surely, the several security guys wandering behind Amanda would notice this chemically altered force of nature. But they did not.
    At one point, a security guard stood directly in front of me. I felt like crying, “Oi, mate! Stop the possibly insane chick who’s stalking the star you’re supposed to be guarding.”
    However, to my shame – and probably that of the fans around me, who I suspected had the same thoughts run through their heads
    – I said nothing.
    A few seconds later, Amanda stood still long enough for Ms High As A Kite to catch up to her. And like the zombie in the original Night Of The Living Dead, she didn’t pause or hesitate as she dived on Amanda and bit her neck hard enough to give her a hickey (which Amanda tweeted the next day).
    It so easily could’ve been not her teeth, but two hands in the small of her back, pushing her off the balcony and onto the horrified audience members far below.
    Ms Palmer was sporting enough to laugh off the brazen assault (although online footage shows she was a tad concerned) as a security guard eventually (after too long a delay) pulled away the attacker and guided her back to her seat. Remarkably, she was allowed to stay for the rest of the gig – there’s no way that would’ve happened if a guy had attacked Amanda. Hypocrisy thy name is feminism.
    As for me, I still have the overwhelming feeling that I played a passive role in the near-death experience of one of my most beloved musical artists.
    As for the gig itself? It was awesome. Dresden Dolls are amazing: both their original songs and the covers they performed on the night, including Beastie Boys’ (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!), Nick Cave’s The Mercy Seat and Black Sabbath’s War Pigs.
    And I’m even happier to know that Amanda and Brian Viglione will continue to make their incredible music for years to come. No thanks to me.

    * This story was originally published in ROGUE #1, on sale now. Email me at danhelen [AT] idx [dot] com [dot] au to buy your copy of this brilliant (if I say so myself) 12-page zine. Or find ROGUE (or me) on Facebook. :)

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  • 04/24/12--04:21: Some zine reviews for ya!

  • This Is Cher, A Cher Zine #3: It’s been a long time between drinks, roughly eight years and a lot has changed in editor Mary McCray’s life (as explained in her editorial). But the one thing that HASN’T changed is her obsessive love for Cher. As a massive non-Cher fan, I still found a disturbing amount of interesting material to absorb. Like Cher’s tenure with Casablanca Records in the late 70s – including her flirtation with disco, heavy rock (with her band Black Rose), pioneering music videos and…Gene Simmons. Or the making of her obscure 60s hippie flick Chastity (which I somehow managed to see on an Aussie regional TV station when I was a kid). The lengthy piece on Cher’s infomercial career jumps the shark (nine pages…seriously?). But this zine did the near-impossible for me, it made me care about Cher. Hell, I may even pick up her Black Rose CD off eBay now. Mary McCray, 116 Verano Loop, Santa Fe, NM, 87508,,[$8, Can./Mex. $10, elsewhere $12, or trade, 80M, 2:00+]– Dann Lennard

    Blather& Malarkey #1: Prose zine. Interesting short story about a vampire. Some ranting. Depressing poetry. Left me feeling kinda“meh” afterwards. Tarnation Collins, PO Box 4377, Tulsa, OK, 74159,,[$3, 36S, 0:20] – Dann Lennard

    Suitable 4 Framin’ #8: A zine for fans of old-school graffiti (y’know, the stuff that looks like art, not the godawful “tagging”that’s the human equivalent to dogs pissing on a fire hydrant). There are interviews with graffiti artists that I’ve never heard of, but tons of nice B&W pics of quality art. It’s still illegal vandalism in my eyes, but…y’know…I can see why some people appreciate this stuff. Iqvinder P.S., PO Box 53, St Boni., MN, 55375,[$5 or trade, 44S, 0:20] – Dann Lennard

    Dithering Doodles #1: As the title suggests, this is a doodles-filled perzine highlighted by a coupla entertaing yarns about Steve’s record-collecting exploits. There’s also an illustrated piece on how he got into doodling. I found it charming. Steven Anderson, 259 E. 700 S., Apt. #9, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111,[$3, 32S, 0:15] – Dann Lennard

    Gun Nut Funnies: A truly disturbing, paranoia-filled, pro-gun rant masquerading as a self-help manual. Yep, if you spend your life walking round a’feared that you may have to shoot someone dead one day, then deal with “the corrupt system” afterwards…well, this comic’s for you. Befriending lawyers on gun ranges, carrying a video camera pen on your person, life’s just a bed of roses for this idiot. I don’t know what happened to“Karno” in the past, but it’s totally fucked up his outlook on life – I would NOT want to live inside his head. Kjartan Arnorsson, 3938 E. Grant Rd, #472, Tucson, AZ, 85712,[$2.50, Can. $3.50, Mex. $4.50, elsewhere $4, FTP, 16S, 0:10] – Dann Lennard

    Financially Hard Times #6: Wow, give someone access to a photocopier and they think they can bang any old drivel together and put out a“zine” – it’s both the positive and the negative about zining in 2012. If only Tom had something (anything!) worthwhile to say – sadly, he doesn’t. Tom Casson, 53 Downs Park Road, Dalston, Hackney, London, E8 2HY, ENGLAND,[email for prices, 12S, 0:03] – Dann Lennard

    Turning The Tide Vol. 24 No. 5: A special “Occupy Wall Street” edition of a strident, oh-so-righteous “newspaper” that makes this bitter old journalist weep bitter tears of frustration. Poorly laid out, badly written and, worst of all, utterly boring. The idea, folks, is to attract NEW people to your cause(s), not scare them away with massive blocks of dull text and political rants masquerading as facts. This isn’t journalism, it’s self-important, arrogant preaching to the converted. However, I was tickled by the concept of Native Americans running an (Un)occupy Alburquerque protest – as the city’s already occupied by the white man, ya dig? Anti-Racist Action Publishers, PO Box 1055, Culver City, CA, 90232,,[email for prices, 8L, 0:10 but much longer if you’re interested enough to wade through the dense text] – Dann Lennard

    ZYX #57: Literally the worst poetry zine I’ve ever encountered. Everyone involved with this publication should be marched out into a courtyard, blindfolded, lined up against a wall, then told, “Stop it. Just stop it.” However, if you’re a masochist, here are the contact details. ZYX, 58-09 205th Street, Bayside, NY [snail mail for prices…wow, they REALLY don’t want anyone to buy this zine, 10M, 0:01] – Dann Lennard

    Watch The Closing Door #57: With Sydney about to lose its monorail (thanks, State Government), it’s nice to read a zine that celebrates the greatness of elevated subways around the world. Fred’s heavily illustrated zine is quirky, fun, well-written…everything a good zine should be, frankly. Fred Argoff, Penthouse L, 1170 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY, 11230-4060 [write for prices, 24S, 0:20] – Dann Lennard

    Local Comics #69&#70: I’ve seen Michael’s one-panel toons published in many places over the years, most noticeably in the excellentRoctober. Frankly, I don’t see the appeal of his childish artwork and uninspired, unfunny puns. It looks like it’s produced by a mentally deficient person. But clearly there’s an audience for his work. Michael Goetz, 1340 Brandywine Dr., Rockford, IL, 61108\ [$1 or write for overseas prices, 16S, 0:01] –Dann Lennard

    Goth Dream Slave Requiem #1: Disturbing collages, nonsensical rants and misogynistic sex fantasies by presidential assassin wannabe Francisco Duran. Equal parts disturbing and awful – and he’s got lazy, too, recycling one of his sex stories from a previous zine. Avoid…unless you’re the sorta guy who likes to collect John Wayne Gacy paintings. Francisco Duran, PO Box 6000, MESA Alpha Federal Correctional Inst., Florence, CO, 81226-6000, [Write for prices or trade, 36S, 0:10] – Dann Lennard

    Goth Dream Slave Requiem #2: More of the same, this time with a vague zombie theme. Your tax dollar at work, I guess. Francisco Duran, PO Box 6000, MESA Alpha Federal Correctional Inst., Florence, CO, 81226-6000, [Write for prices or trade, 36S, 0:10] – Dann Lennard

    Retain Parts, Destroy Parts #7: I wanted to hate this zine for its juvenile celebration of misogyny and man-child misbehaviour, but Matt’s strength as a writer finally won me over. And I can understand why he’s such a tragic figure– everyone around him has grown up and entered the real world, while he’s rooted in an emotionally stunted place where he still thinks and acts like he’s 17. No wonder he tries to talk himself up as some kinda tough guy. He must be very lonely. M. Abramson, 31815 120thAve SE, Auburn, WA, 98092,[$2, 32XS, 0:15]– Dann Lennard

    Basic Paper Airplane #5: Josh is a beautiful writer, but this zine was too short for me. I would’ve liked to have read more about his travels around America, and seen more of his photos. The quirky, non-perzine articles were OK– I just wanted to read more about Josh’s adventures. Joshua James Amberson, PO Box 2645, Oympia, WA, 98507,,[$3, outside US $4, 20S, 0:20] – Dann Lennard

    You’re An Angel, You Li’l Devil #5: Brad Foster! I should’ve guessed – if a zine requires a sexy “bad” girl on the cover, you can guaran-damn-tee the veteran indie comic-book artist will be there. His saucy devil woman illo is the highlight of this issue, which also features numerous devil chick toons and photos, plus hellish fiction AND Olivia Munn. Recommended! Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim, CA, 92817-7131,[email for prices, 32XS, 0:15] – Dann Lennard

    The Image Scrimmage: Teenagers discuss body image issues as part of the IPRC’s Media Action Project in Portland, Oregon. Not much of a zine, but it’s the ideas behind it that count.[check for prices, 20XS, 0:05] – Dann Lennard

    Kung Fu Grip! Special No. 1: Octopussy: One of the more bizarre offerings to come my way, this zine celebrates...the octopus, including classical Japanese octopus pornographic art of the late 18th/early 19th century. Elsewhere, editor Paco writes some gorgeous haikus about strippers and relates a moving tale about his unrequited internet relationship with a female homie. It’s quite heartbreaking in parts. The zine comes with a swapcard and mini-zine Octopussy Companion: The Pocket Pussy. Needless to say, this zine is verrrrrrry adults only. Paco D. Taylor, 7730 East Broadway #925, Tucson, AZ, 85710,[$3.50/email for overseas prices, 56S, 0:30] – Dann Lennard

    Page After Page: A photo-zine dedicated to the immortal Bettie Page, including a brief essay on the pin-up legend. The pix are gorgeous, giving this zine a timeless quality. Paco D. Taylor, 7730 East Broadway #925, Tucson, AZ, 85710,[$5.95/email for overseas prices, 56S, 0:10] – Dann Lennard

    Pornhounds #2: Writer Sharon starts where she left off last issue, relating her daily life as a porn mag staffer but, halfway through this amazing autobiographical comic, it detours into darker territory when she discovers she has breast cancer. Sharon relates her tale of shock, acceptance and eventual triumph with humour, dignity and emotional force. She’s ably assisted by a talented, eclectic group of artists, the notable (in my eyes) being Ed Piskor and Danny Hellman. If you like Harvey Pekar’s work, then you should really seek out,[email for prices, 64M, 0:30] – Dann Lennard

    Word Balloons #13: If you want to get a feel for the Australian comics scene, this zine is a perfect starting point. This issue interviews current indy star Mandy Ord. Next is an in-depth chat with Fysh Rutherford, the creator of 1970s political satire/superhero pisstake newspaper stripIron Outlaw. Phil reviews several Australian-made comics before rounding out the issue with the recollections of comic-collecting geek Dann Lennard. Hey! Wait! How’d he get in there? Philip Bentley, PO Box 286, Sandringham, Vic, 3191, AUSTRALIA,,[AUD$10/email for overseas prices, 32M, :60] –Dann Lennard

    King Street, Newtown: Sydney’s most bohemian district is revealed in minute detail by local resident and veteran zinester Chris Mikul in this entertaining, heavily illustrated zine. More than 180 years of fascinating local history are covered, along with classic characters who inhabited the suburb and iconic shops and buildings (many now sadly gone). Even if you live on the other side of the world, Mikul’s writing will draw you in with one fascinating anecdote after another. Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket, NSW, 1240, AUSTRALIA,[email for prices, 40S, :40] – Dann Lennard

    0 0
  • 04/24/12--04:51: Oh...and before I forget...
  • PLEASE support this excellent magazine - for which I write reviews - an the zine world in general. Zine World can be found at

    0 0

    Showman? The Bret Braddock Adventures, Vol. 2: Overtime Approved: The probably true story of hideous “entrepreneur” Bret Braddock continues in David Blumenstein’s biting, absurd graphic novel about the making of a crappy children’s animated TV series. Bret is an arrogant idiot and he surrounds himself with highly paid sycophantic idiots. But the biggest idiots are the nice folk who work long hours for little pay to make Bret’s stupid TV show, The Magic Kofta, come to life. If it wasn’t so funny, it’d be pathetic. There’s a happy ending…of sorts. Nakedfella Productions, PO Box 361, Flinders Lane, Vic, 8009, AUSTRALIA,, [email for prices, 68S, :45] – Dann Lennard

    A Letter From Rodney Leighton(March/April 2012): It sounds like a letter but it’s actually a short’n’sweet review zine of everything that comes through this curmudgeonly Canadian lumberjack’s mailbox. Zines, books, Time magazine. Occasionally, he reviews other things as well: like local restaurants or his beloved (accursed?) ice hockey team Montreal Canadiens. Rod’s been doing this kinda stuff for decades and his writing style is always relaxed and entertaining. Rodney Leighton, #11 Branch Rd, R.R.#3, Tatamagouche, NS, B0K 1V0, CANADA (trade, 2M, :10] – Dann Lennard

    The Masked Claw: This mail art project sees blank white superhero/villain masks being sent to all parts of the globe (either randomly or if you request one, I guess). Your job, if you want to get involved, is to colour in/illustrate/adorn the mask as you see fit and either keep it/pass it on/or return to sender. Supposedly, finished masks will be worn by The Claw and photographed. The project ends in August 2013. My five-year-old daughter spent a couple of fun hours colouring in the mask. The Masked Claw, PO Box 30231, Pensacola, FL, 32503-1231 (trade, :120 (if you’re into art projects)] – Dann Lennard

    Lab Findings #2: Old-school review zine with a leaning towards mail art projects. Lots of plugs of mail art folk (I never knew there were so many of them), followed by reviews of books and obscure horror/exploitation films like The 10thVictim, Frankenstein 1970, The Flock and more. A fun read. Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231, Pensacola, FL, 32503 (trade or write for prices, 6M, :10] – Dann Lennard

    Lab Findings #3: More of the same from the Kobb Labs. This time, movie reviews include IT! The Terror From Beyond Space, The Magic Christmas Tree and more recent mainstream films The Fighter and the underrated “zombies in Africa” horror flick The Dead. I enjoyed this zine a lot. Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231, Pensacola, FL, 32503 (trade or write for prices, 6M, :10] – Dann Lennard

    0 0 are a few pics of a typical day in the office. With me are the lovely Kourtney Summers and Jackel.
    They were promoting the 2013 Eye Candy Showgirls Calendar. To learn more about that you-beaut date-recorder, head to While you're checking things out, also feel free to peruse the official PEOPLE Facebook page. Cheers!

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